Bryan Sheehan | Bassist and A Vocalist for Eleventh Hour

Bryan Sheehan

Bryan Sheehan

The newest member of Eleventh Hour is not new to the North Shore's music scene at all. Bryan Sheehan has been in several bands over the years, most recently the notorious local cover band F Bomb. Bryan grew up in West Peabody and by the time he was 14 he was playing bass notes on a Casio keyboard; eventually, he moved on to an electric guitar with 2 strings, then finally graduated to a Peavey Fury beginners bass. Thankfully, he has moved up quite a bit from there, playing a Fender Jazz for several years and most recently adding a badass Rickenbacker with a distinct sound to his collection. Bryan brings a variety of musical influences to Eleventh Hour, from '70s progressive rock to jazz/fusion, funk, and of course old school rock n’ roll like Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Zeppelin. His voice blends seamlessly with the existing harmonies in the band, and his playing complements the established sound so much, you’ll swear he’s been playing with Eleventh Hour forever.


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